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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5-pin bowling?
It’s a sport usually played individually, but can also be done as a team. The object of the game is to get the highest score possible by rolling bowling balls down a lane at 5 pins in the shape of a V. This is actually a lot more challenging than you might think, even frustrating at times!

How do you keep score?
Each game consists of 10 turns, which are called frames. In each frame, you get 3 chances or balls to knock down all 5 pins. The pin in the middle is called the head-pin and is worth 5 points, the two pins behind it are worth 3 points each and the two behind them are called corner-pins and are worth 2 points each, so 2, 3, 5, 3, 2 totals 15 points. If you knock all the pins down in your first ball it’s called a strike - you get 15 points plus what you get with your next 2 balls. If you knock them all down in your second ball, that’s a spare - you get 15 points plus the points you get on your next ball in the next frame. It may seem complicated, but it doesn’t take long to get used to and you don’t even have to worry about it because we have computers that keep score for you

What is a perfect game?
A perfect game is when you get 12 strikes in a row in a game, this gives you 45 in each frame, a total score of 450 and is a VERY rare and exceptional achievement!

How big are the bowling balls?
In 5-pin bowling, they are approximately 5 inches in diameter and weigh roughly 3.5 pounds.

How long is the lane?
It is 60 feet long from the foul line to the head-pin, a lane is 42 inches wide, which is less than 4 feet and you have 16 feet to make your approach and release the ball.

What is cosmic bowling?
When you bowl with the lights on, we call that regular bowling. When we turn the lights off and turn the black lights on, everything glows so we call it cosmic, glow in the dark bowling. We have a lightshow with colourful, flashing lights and a computerized music system with an online DJ that can play requests and make dedications in bowling centers that subscribe all across North America!

What is bumper bowling?
It’s bowling without gutters. Gutters are on the left and right sides of the lane, if you throw the ball into one you won’t hit any pins - the bumpers cover up the gutters, so that the ball can’t fall in one and you always have a chance at hitting the pins. However, we only offer this for young kids during public bowling, not for anyone older who throw the ball hard or for those who play in leagues.

What else can I get?
Our snack bar includes chips, chocolate bars, candies, pop, juice, water and slushie. We now have a dairy bar that includes vanilla, chocolate and swirl, soft ice cream. You can have a cone, waffle cone, sundae, milkshake, float, razzle (similar to a McFlurry or DQ Blizzard). Our trademark is the Riverslide where we combine ice cream with slushie for a fruity brain-freeze!

What does an 'H' mean?
An 'H' means you hit the middle pin on your first ball - it stands for 'H'ead Pin.
An 'A' means you got the middle pin AND both 3 Pins on your first ball - it stand for 'A'ces.
A 'C' means you got the middle pin AND the 2 pins to the left OR right of it - it stands for 'C'hop Off.
An 'H3' means you hit the middle pin AND one of the 3 Pins beside it on your first ball.
An 'H2' means you hit the middle pin AND one of the 2 Pins on your first ball.
An 'X' mean you got a strike and knocked all the pins down on your first ball - GOOD JOB!
A '/' means you got a spare and knocked all of the pins down after your second ball - WELL DONE!

In any case, all of these letters/symbols are good things because you're supposed to hit the middle pin on your first ball. That's the only way you can get a strike, so getting the head pin with your first ball means you threw a good ball. The more of them you get, the better of a bowler you are since they indicate how accurate and consistent you are!